Thursday, December 15, 2011

Square Apples.

I know!! I was suppose to update my blog every Tuesday! What a joke! It's been what? 10 weeks? Ridiculous!

Guys I've been working like mad. I still am!
I'll see if I can post stills of the animation short I directed that kept me so busy.

It's almost 3am , I'm listening to The Jets - Crush on you ( probably one of this year's favorite song/video ) and not only am I editing this post, I had to come up with this last minute drawing (not bad eh?), all of this, while I'm editing a film.
This is how I'm spending my b'day. Just for y'all.

But guess what?
Frictions by Steven Briand in which I'm starring is airing on TIME SQUARE NY city!
Several times a day. Check out pictures of my ugly mug in the heart of the Big Apple.
To think I just wanted him to make look good to impress girls at the end of the year school showcase. Shiok eh?


Vatz said...

Wow~~!!! It looks really Great!!!
of the Big Apple!!!! congrats!

Carrie Leigh said...