Friday, March 16, 2012

Ich leibe This.

I don't give a shit! I'm eating 3 burger kings for 5,99 E Only!

So yah ; where's that happening?
Essen Germany baby.
Drinking 12 Euros Jim Beam.
10 Euros Jaggers
5 Euro pizzas.
I'm Ich leibeding this.

I'm doing some animation for a theater show in this old badass coal mine.
Maybe y'all Calarts people who read my blog know about this place.
They have a Calarts partnership, who would have though uh?

Here's a little preview of my piece for the Redwolf airsoft drawing contest. It's a war fresque. Big.

1 comment:

Guillaume Deloizon said...

Et tu fais même pas un crochet pour passer me voir au retour !
Pas de compliment pour toi aujourd'hui. T'es puni.